Here are some testimonials from parents :-)

Hi Joy
I would just like to say thank you so much for organising the Hot Rod and Big Rig (truck) rides yesterday in Te Awamutu.

Can you also pass on my sincere thanks to the drivers Warren Whittaker and Murray Pederson, for taking the time to give these kids such a wonderful treat, and thank them for their patience as Robert was so excited on the way to Te Awamutu, and then with the arrival of the other families, it threw him out to the point he didn’t want to participate at all.

We have recently realised that as he is an only child, he needs his space and time to process information, which is all part of his Autism Spectrum Disorder, and it was fantastic that the guys were prepared to wait, which gave Robert the time to process what was happening and the confidence to give it ago and he really enjoyed both rides (as did his dad, who now has a hot rod on his ‘I can dream’ wish list!!)

For us Autism is a very invisible disability, and for Robert it creates challenges with his verbal skills/communication and with socialising, however everyday he experiences or learns something new which is a positive step in his development.

The opportunity you provided for Robert (and the other children) yesterday, was an amazing experience, which Robert would never have ever experienced it, if it wasn’t for Star Buddy and the generous people who help you out.

Although Robert has very limited verbal skills, every time we have talked to Robert about the rides since Sunday, he has had a huge smile on his face.  And special events like this are very motivational for encouraging Robert to continually develop his verbal skills.  It has been fun asking Robert “What did you go for a ride in on Sunday”, and his reply with a very big grin and a giggle … “A big truck and hot rod”  Hearing those simple words strung together in a sentence are priceless to us as parents.
We are on a very different journey to parents with ‘regular kids’ and it is a journey we would not change as Robert is a fantastic young boy, and people like yourself, Warren and Murray, give us wonderful experiences that we and our children will never forget, so thank you again.

You are doing an amazing job Joy.

Kindest regards
Diane, Martin & Robert Millow

On Sunday 19th April our son Blake got the opportunity to have an amazing ride in a Chevy Hot Rod Car and a very large Cattle Truck, along with Mum, Dad and sister Hollie.
Well what an experience! Blake thoroughly enjoyed himself, especially the cattle truck as he was high and in the front. He squealed his happy squeal and clapped his hands throughout the ride. We all enjoyed it.
This is all thanks to the Star Buddy Charitable Trust founded by the wonderful Joy Adams, who organised this. A huge thanks to Murray and Warren for giving us their time and vehicles for enabling this to happen.
As a family with a Special Needs Child, we are so very grateful Star Buddy Charitable Trust acknowledges us in pledging and donating monies to worthy organisations and allows Blake to have a memorable moment.
Once again a huge thank you to all involved.
Kindest Regards Nikki, Simon, Blake and Hollie Larsen

Thank you so very much, it was such a great day.


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