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Waikato Country Entertainer, Joy Adams is the main driving force behind StarBuddy Charitable Trust.

Over the years Joy has had a lot of involvement with various fundraising projects. 
She has helped raise significant amounts of money for the Stroke Foundation, Rotary, the Child Cancer Foundation and lots of other great causes.
Joy has been involved in the entertainment industry for a number of years.  She writes and records her own music, has her own Promotions Company and is on the road the majority of the year doing shows all around NZ and further afield.  
She felt she could incorporate her music with a good fundraising cause and decided to create something quite unique.
The idea seems to have resonated with a lot of people because in just a short space of time, the Trust has grown from strength to strength.  The first goal is to hit $50,000.
It’s a great idea.  People want to see the money stay local and they are happy to know that a local child who is dealing with severe illness, disability or special needs gets a day they’ll never forget.

What happens to the money?

The key difference with our Charity is that the money donated stays local wherever possible. We feel this is a huge factor with clubs and organisations wanting to donate hard earned money.  They want to see it coming back into the community and they want to support  local children.

Who gets what?
Option 1.
Mechandise sales, raffles and smaller donations make up a huge part of our income.
In this instance, once we get a little nest egg together, the Trustees meet and look for groups who could do with our help.
We are always looking for worth while charities, groups and organisations to donate money to.
100% of our donations go to making this possible and we do our best to spread the money all around NZ.

Option 2

Sometimes we have bigger corporate groups or service clubs who are kind enough to make a formal donation of $500 for a pledge.

Sometimes, we have people who know of a child and want to make a pledge.

  • A portion of the Pledge will be donated to the Charity or group closely associated with the child. Wherever possible, this will be in the child’s town and if there isn’t a local branch, it will go to the local region.
  • A portion of the Pledge  will be donated to the local Branch of St John Ambulance to help support them and the wonderful work they do.
  • Part of the Pledge  will allow us to give a child or group of children their own specially tailored gift or treat.

We will chat to the family’s and organisations beforehand and find something that fits perfectly with the child/children.

100% of this donation will be re-directed to the charities concerned, St John Ambulance and allow for us to purchase a small gift to the value of $50.00 for the child.

Some of the options are:


  • A musical instrument such as a Ukulele. Music related DVD’s, CD’s, Tickets to Shows/Events. We have contact with a number of Top Country Artists from all around NZ who will present the child with their gift or treat on behalf of StarBuddy Charitable Trust.
  • We can arrange a ride in a Hotrod – Classic Car – Ferrari – Mustang – Porsche – Truck – Police Car – Fire Engine – Racing Car.
  • We can arrange through Stardome Observatory and Planetarium for a Child to ‘Adopt a Star’. The child will receive an information pack with the Stars co-ordinates in the Night Sky and a certificate.  The Child can visit the Observatory and see their star through the big telescope. This is a very special everlasting gift.
  • Family Movie passes, Tickets to the Zoo.

All children receive a framed certificate from StarBuddy Charitable Trust if that is appropriate.

Who can sponsor/donate a StarPledge?

Any organisation or private donation will be welcome.

We ask that Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Kiwanis, Country Music Clubs, RSA and RSA Ladies Sections, Retirement and Lifestyle Villages, Senior Citizens Clubs etc..

It is hoped that events can be hosted by various organisations around the country with proceeds going to the Trust to do more StarPledges.

Please contact Joy Adams if you require more information or would like a presentation done.

How do we select a Child?

This is a hard one for us. Obviously we can’t just front up to people in the street and tell them about StarBuddy Charitable Trust.   We are really reliant on word of mouth and hope that people will see our sincerity and want to be part of it.

We are constantly looking for Children or wonderful organisations who support these children to create Pledges, so please get in touch with us and let’s do it.

We are working with some Local and National Organisations who have been very helpful sending Children our way.

We just need kids who fit our criteria.

What happens at a StarPledge Presentation?

Each one will be specific to the Children and families requirements.

To date, we have organised events where the family (and extended family) have come along to a venue. We invite the club or organisation who has donated the StarPledge and acknowledge their jesture.

Wherever possible, we will invite the local paper to come along and do a story about the event. StarBuddy will present the child with a certificate and gift. We ask that the family gives us permission to take photos to include on our facebook and website, although we will of course respect the wishes of the family if they would prefer otherwise.

It is not our intention to glamorize any child’s illness or try and attract sympathy.  It is very important to us that everything is done tastefully and with the parents permission.

The ultimate aim is to do something special for the child and in the process, donate money to the charities associated to that child.

If it’s possible, we will ask that representatives from local St John Ambulance will attend and receive their donation from us as well as the Charities & groups associated with the children.

Please check out our facebook page for photos of events to date






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StarBuddy is all about giving back to the community. We have the support of some fabulous entertainers throughout NZ and Australia. Together we have created a couple of wonderful CD's which we sell along with other merchandise to create donations to various charities, groups and organisations working with children dealing with special needs, severe illness and disability. From time to time we create events for our kids.